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In preparation 

Articles in revision


  1. A compositional analysis of French negation.

  2. with Monica Lau: the syntax of SVØ parentheticals. 

  3. with Erik Schoorlemmer: Prenominal possessives in Germanic: the X°‐XP parameter.

Articles in various stages of completion

  1. Reconsidering ‘inalienable’ possession in French.

  2. The compositional nature of French ‘expletive’ negation. 

  3. Complementizers as evidential markers.

  4. with Erik Schoorlemmer: Mistaken identity: ellipsis, mismatches, and underspecification.

  5. with Marjo van Koppen. Resolving resolution: underspecification and the Law of the Coordination of Likes

  6. with Jenny Doetjes and Camelia Constantinescu: Modality, evidentiality, and mediated knowledge.


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